Energy supply:

The Pfeishütte is purly on island mode. 9kW and about 45 kWh engergy are available through the photovoltaic installation on the roof. In bad weather akkupacks (storage batteries) serve as energy buffers for about three days. Additionally to the PV installation 20kW can be activated via a emergency generator in the adjacent building. (during a long bad weather period)

Sewage plant:

1,5 m³ to 2,5m³ wastewater each day, fat separate well, three-cabin-clarifying basin for the preliminary clarification, biological percolating filter installation to convert biomass, constructed wetland as post defection in two stages, soakaway with recirculation pump, daily surveillance by the landlord, weekly gathering of the wastewater temperature, yearly inspection by authorities, energy supply via PV installation.


Unfortunately the garbage man doesn't come directly to our doorstep and that's why we have to transport the waste with our car 25km down to the valley by ourselves. We kindly ask our guests to dispose their trash in the valley themselves. Trash bags for the further transport are available at our hut.

Drinking water:

our drinking water comes directly from two different wells above the hut and is treated with a UV-disinfection installation. This is a complex and expensive treatment and that is why the drinking water runs only from a few particular taps. The free water tap is in front of the house next to the children's playground.


The supply to our hut is by car. With a special off-road vehicle it is possible to reach the hut. However, after heavy storms it can easily happen that the road cannot be use due to mudflows.