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You can find the emergency room in the small adjacent building east of the main building with a sign saying "Notlager" (emergency dorm). The emergency room is not locked and open to everyone. In winter it might however happen that you have to dig out the door before opening it. The chamber is small but nice. There is plenty of space for four people; six people can share as well.

In the shelter is fireplace to heat and to cook at. There's also fire wood in large wooden boxes in the shelter and in front of the hut. PLEASE stock up the used wood in the shelter afterwards!

The shelter is equipped with blankets, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery and whatever else you need.

Only for food and drink you have to take care of yourselves.

We kindly ask you to put the contribution towards costs into the blue emergency room-book or to transfer it to our bank account.

Bank account:
Pfeishütte im Karwendel, Kirchmayer GesBR
IBAN: AT 1116 4200 0142 1427 24

AV members: Adults € 3,00
Adults € 5,00
AV members: children & young adults (until 18 years) € 2,00

Enjoy your stay and have many fantastic and accident free tours!

Your Hosts

Vroni & Michl