at 6pm we will serve our delicious traditional Tyrolean delicacies. For those coming late we can offer only small dishes. You may choose between different half-board courses (1, 2, 3 or 4 courses, which can be combined any different ways, e.g. only main course, or starter and main course, or main course and dessert, or all four courses) For the main course you can choose between meet, vegetarian, pasta or the so-called "Bergsteigeressen". After 8pm there is only a small selection of dishes possible.


Unfortunately the garbage man doesn't come directly to our doorstep and that's why we have to transport the waste with our car 25km down to the valley by ourselves. We kindly ask our guests to dispose their trash in the valley themselves. Trash bags for the further transport are available at our hut.


You might feel your heavy legs after your walking, we want you to relax and therefore we take your orders from the tables. However, in order to prevent long waiting times it can happen from time to time that we switch to self-service. Is this the case, we'll let you know!


as we'd like to sleep well and to prevent waiting time in the mornings, we kindly ask you to pay in the evening.


when our well and our oven permit it you may use the showers in the washing rooms. Because the heating of the water is a lot of effort we take the liberty of charging 2€ for 3 min. of hot water. You get the tags needed at the bar.

Payment by debit card:

As a backpack is always too small for everything and because you can feel every gram immediately, you can now leave your coins at home. We have a debit card machine in our hut where you can pay. However, we do not accept credit cards.

Energy supply:

Our hut has its own island mode energy supply. The energy needed for the house is produced by our PV installation on the roof of the Pfeishütte. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to switch on our diesel generator set in addition. We kindly ask you to leave items that use a lot of energy (such as a hairdryer) at home.


Jeder, der sich im alpinen Gelände bewegt sollte ein Erste Hilfe Paket mit sich führen. Wer keines hat, kann gerne eines in unserem Shop erwerben. Wir auf der Hütte verfügen über einen gut bestückten 1. Hilfe Koffer, eine Vakuummatratze und einen Defibrillator, sind also auf alle kleinen und größeren Notfälle vorbereitet. Jeder sollte sich jedoch die Notrufnummer der Tiroler Bergrettung in sein Handy einspeichern: 140


Today it seems to be normal that some people let go of their frustration in various internet forums still staying anonymous. We always endeavor to offer a nice and comfortable stay at our Pfeis. However, things can go wrong. In this case we ask you to speak to us directly because we can only learn from our mistakes that way and maybe we could clarify some misunderstanding. Of course we also like to hear some positive feedback and welcome critique.


In the morning (7:00-8:00) you can expect a big breakfast buffet with fresh bread, sausages, cheese, honey, self-made jam, self-made Nutella, yoghurt, musli and many other delicacies.


If requested we also hand out present vouchers.

Mobile phone connection & telephone

here on our Pfeishütte you can really switch off – even without turning of your mobile because we don't have any reception. (only with A1, when there are no clouds and only in certain spots, which we –of course- tell you) Those who cannot do without a phone can use our landline.


dogs are always welcome at the Pfeishütte. However, when staying overnight a booking will be necessary. Dogs are only allowed in a two bedded room, so if there is a two bedded room available you may bring your dog. In order to fully enjoy the hiking with your dog please make sure that it does not disturb wild animals or grazing animals. Whether you have to take it on the leash or not is up to you.

Lights-out policy

In order to be fit for the next day the Alpenverein has embedded the "light-out"policy in its regulations. Last drinks are at 10pm and we kindly ask our guests to settle in their rooms and dorms by 11pm. Early birds are kindly asked to consider other comrades and be quite.

Lodge sleeping bag

these sleeping bags are standard because of hygienic reasons. So don't forget to bring them. For those who forget to bring their sleeping bags don't have to sleep outside on the terrace but can obtain one from us. Unfortunately, we do not rent sleeping bags because we don't have enough resources to wash them every day; and of course everyone wants to have a clean sleeping bag.


For internet junkies we have set up a PC where you can check your emails and change your facebook status. We cannot offer a download speed with Mbit/s though.


A really tasty temptation, however, if made properly it takes about 15-20min until it can be served. Because our kitchen has a limited cooking area and our chef has only two hands, we can offer Kaiserscharren only after request. Before closing the kitchen in the evening we ask who would like to have a portion and then we start the final Kaiserschmarren-mass-production.

Awareness for nature

because we are all part of nature we are all equal in the mountain area. As we all enjoy this beautiful mountain spectacle we want to preserve this for a long time. Therefore, we kindly ask you to stay on the marked pathways and trails, to avoid unnecessary noise, to avoid lighting fires, to take your rubbish with you and to leave the area exactly the way you found it.
The 'Karwendel' range is home for many wild animals such as chamois, Alpine ibex, eagles, fox, deer, marmots and many more. Please respect them, don't disturb them but admire these fascinating creatures.


In order to plan a little better and to guarantee you your desired sleeping-place we kindly ask you to fill out the booking form on our homepage, contact us via email or phone. As important as your booking is also your cancellation in case you cannot come or the number of people is changing. Many times someone else would be very happy about a free bed and we would not buy and prepare extra food. We hope that we can count on you and ask for your understanding!


We have a small shop in our hut where you can buy all sorts of things which you might have forgotten or might need – from the sleeping bag, to toothbrushes, suncreams and postcards with stamps and much more.

Taxi Gleirschtal

There is the possibilty to take a taxi from Scharnitz to Möslalm (and return). Minimum price for a taxi 25€. 5 PAX/each 5€/person.

Taxi Halltal

There is the possibility of taking a taxi to and from Halltal (to/from St. Magdalena) When it's raining there is no transport due to mudslide danger. Possible departure: Hall or Absam. If you're interested choose one of the three taxi companies:

Drinking water

our drinking water comes directly from two different wells above the hut and is treated with a UV-disinfection installation. This is a complex and expensive treatment and that is why the drinking water runs only from a few particular taps. The free water tap is in front of the house next to the children's playground.

Safety and well-being

We care for the safety and well-being of our guests. We are always happy to help, no matter if it is about the current tour conditions, directions or any kind of aches and pains.

Cancellation conditions

Despite our experience of the last few years we still trust in the fairness of our guests and do deliberately without a deposit. However, in case you do not arrive (cancellation possible by latest two days before arrival), or in case of an incorrect number of people, we charge 10 € per person and per night without exception.


The supply to our hut is by car. With a special off-road vehicle it is possible to reach the hut. However, after heavy storms it can easily happen that the road cannot be use due to mudflows.

Waiting times

We always endeavour to fulfill your wishes as quickly as possible. However, when the hut is packed it may happen that you have to wait a little. We ask you to understand this situation and remind you that you are on holiday and not on a getaway ;-).

Winter shelter

You can find the winter shelter in the small adjacent building east of the main building with a sign saying "Notlager" (emergency dorm). The winter shelter is not locked and open to everyone. In winter it might however happen that you have to dig out the door before opening it. The chamber is small but nice. There is plenty of space for four people; six people can share as well.
In the shelter is fireplace to heat and to cook at. There's also fire wood in large wooden boxes in the shelter and in front of the hut. PLEASE stock up the used wood in the shelter afterwards!
The shelter is equipped with blankets, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery and whatever else you need. Only for food and drink you have to take care of yourselves.
We kindly ask you to put the contribution towards costs into the blue winter shelter-book or to transfer it to our bank account.